High winds cause damage at Pass Christian Harbor

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - High winds churned up rough waves inside the Pass Christian Harbor Wednesday, pushing boats into piers, ripping canopies and tearing sails.

"We had to get down here and thank goodness we did when we did because we could have been in the wall like some of the others out here damaged today," said boat owner Dawyne Saucier. "Some of them have possibly taken on a lot of water because they weren't ready for it."

Dawyne Saucier and Stephanie Parrish secured their boat in the midst of the bad weather and then took off down the pier to check on others.

"Three or four of them had to have buoys secured to the dock so they wouldn't bang against the dock," Parrish said.

"They would do the same thing for us," Saucier said. "It's just the tight knit thing in Pass Christian."

Harbor Master Willie Davis said all boat owners need to check on their vessels.

"If the boat gets up against some of the pilings, it can crack the hull. And then if it cracks the hull, then you have leaking problems, and then there's a chance the boat might sink," Davis said. "We are hoping that we don't have that type of damage, but you never know unless you check."

The winds were so strong they actually knocked Kimball's Seafood trailer off the cinder blocks.

"It's calm right now, but a little while ago it was so rough that I wouldn't even take a chance of getting out of my truck because it was shaking," Darlene Kimball said. "But we did try blocking it for a little while. I'm hoping everything is okay in the inside right now. We are just trying to secure it and save it."

Those at the harbor say the rain was expected, but no one thought they would be dealing with winds that felt like a tropical storm.

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