Statewide Test Scores Released

After months of pushing students to study hard and getting them pumped up for the big test week, it comes down to this. Results from the Mississippi Assessment Curriculum Tests are released.

At the grade school level, the Mississippi Curriculum Test measures student grades 2 through 8 in three subjects: Reading, Language and Math.

Statewide, the scores show student achievement continues to improve in almost every grade and subject. Some of the most significant changes occurred at the middle grades, especially in 8th grade math, where the percentage of students scoring "Proficient" or "Advanced" jumped 12 percentage points from 48% to 60%.

At the high school level, mathematics is also an area that saw significant improvement. For instance, the number of students who passed Algebra I rose from 82% to 91%.

Two of the top performing schools in South Mississippi are Pass High and Gautier High. Based on the mean, or average scale, Gautier High scored the highest in Algebra I and US History. Pass High outperformed the others in Biology and English II.

So what do these numbers mean? They'll be used to determine each school's ranking and whether each school meets the federal "No Child Left Behind" standards.

There's a lot at stake here. The scores help parents find out if teachers, principals and school districts are doing their job in making sure your child is succeeding and ready to move on to the next grade level.

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