Train Cars Derail In Jackson County

New reports show four train cars actually derailed near Highway 63 Tuesday evening.  Previous reports stated ten cars derailed. The train was carrying coal to the Mississippi Power Plant in Jackson County. The stretch of highway damaged by the train is still being repaired.

Being stopped by a train passing is something many South Mississippians are used to, but being stopped by a train off the tracks is not.

One witness said, "I haven't seen one like this."

Mark Miller with Mississippi Export Railroad said train was headed west bringing in coal to Plant Daniel when something went wrong.

"It appears that one car got off and when it came through this crossing, that one car tore up the concrete pads of the crossing and that caused the cars behind it to derail," he said.

Officials said that's when the railroad car came off of the track damaging the asphalt around it. That means in order to get traffic rolling again, they had to remove the train cars and repair the road.

Though cleaning up this mess may be time consuming, officials said they are just happy the coal didn't spill out.

Earl Etheridge with the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality said, "it's not a harmful, hazard substance, but if it would have gotten into the water supply, or into the creeks or the rivers or the marshes, obviously we would have concern for the aquatic life then."

No one was injured in the derailment.

Sheriff's officials said Tuesday's rush hour traffic was backed up from highway 63 to I-10. Traffic is expected to be back on track before rush hour traffic Wednesday morning.

Again, there's still no word on the cause of the derailment.