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Skimming machine suspected of stealing debit info at gas pump

(WMC-TV) - The United States Secret Service is investigating after someone set up a credit card skimmer at a Millington gas pump. The machine may have gotten dozens of people's personal information.

A Covington police officer was the first person to tell Action News 5 of the identity theft scheme. Now, he wants to warn others to be extra careful.

Billy Norris gets gas at the RaceWay gas station in Millington very often. But last month, he found out that his debit card no longer worked.

"My bank contacted me Friday and let me know my card was declined and they would issue me a new card," said Norris.

Norris' bank canceled his card as a result of the ongoing fraud that occurred from a device he says was placed in one of the gas pumps.

It is called a credit card skimmer and it steals your bank account information.

"It can happen to anybody. If you use your pin number, they can get your pin number information along with your credit card information," he said.

Norris says other victims were notified after large amounts of money were taken from a crook using their bank account in Atlanta, Georgia.

He encourages people to run cards as credit rather than debit in an effort to avoid getting skimmed.

The store's district manager says technicians never found a skimmer in any of Raceway's pumps.

The following statement was released on behalf of RaceWay:

"RaceWay guests can be assured that we take the security of their personal information seriously. Data theft is pervasive, and, like retailers everywhere, we are constantly working with financial institutions and law enforcement to evaluate and update our security measures to keep our guests protected. Our operational protocol includes routine pump checks conducted during every shift at our stores. We started those and third-party pump security audits in 2010. We do this—and encourage other gas retailers to do the same—to better protect our guests and assist law enforcement.

Our technical team performed thorough searches of the pumps in question and no skimmers were found. We will continue to cooperate with financial institutions and law enforcement in their investigations."

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