Fog blamed for wreck that closed I-10 overnight

Photo Source: Moss Point Fire Chief Clarence Parks
Photo Source: Moss Point Fire Chief Clarence Parks
Photo Source: Moss Point Fire Chief Clarence Parks
Photo Source: Moss Point Fire Chief Clarence Parks

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Heavy fog and speed can be a bad combination. That's exactly what happened in the overnight hours on I-10 in east Jackson County. A multi-vehicle accident shut down the interstate for several hours.

The fog shrouded the interstate like a blanket. Drivers ran into it, and then started running into each other.

Frank Duke with Acadian Ambulance was one of the first to arrive on the scene.

"We found six 18 wheelers, several of them were turned over either in the median or off to the side of the interstate," Duke explained. "We also had what we believe to be four passenger cars involved in the accident."

Despite the carnage on I-10, emergency responders considered themselves and the victims of the chain reaction wreck very lucky.

"It could have been a lot worse with the smoke and the fog," Jackson County Emergency Services Director Earl Etheridge said. "We could have had more injuries than the six that we had. Just grateful there were no serious injuries. There's no hazardous materials involved."

For police and emergency responders, this was a classic case of preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. And also receiving a lot of help, according to Duke.

"When we arrive on the scene, our first incoming ambulance will establish command and let everybody else know what's going on so we can establish resources and then get help from our mutual aid companies like AMR, Mobile County in Alabama, and Newman's ambulance service out of Mobile County."

Etheridge said the fog not only played havoc with the motorists on I-10, but also with those who came to rescue them.

"What slows your response is the fog coming to the accident scene and then going from the accident scene to the hospital. That's what cuts down your response time."

Even with those challenges, there was no loss of life, and that was the best news of all. It took several hours for the interstate to be cleared and get traffic moving again.

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