Gulfport woman fears backyard sink hole

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - A Gulfport woman says she's living in fear drainage pipe has caused sink holes to form in her backyard. Kristen Peterson has been dealing with the trouble for months now.

Barricades are all across the backyard blocking off the sink holes forming along the fence line.

Peterson said she and her family have only been living in the home since November. The majority of that time, it's been hard for her family to enjoy the new move.

"At first I thought maybe it was from little animals or something. Eventually with the rain and everything, it started sinking down more," Peterson said.

The obvious dips in the yard have become so much of a problem that the family isn't even comfortable letting their pet dog Simba out to play. And Peterson's 16-month-old son is getting more mobile every day.

"It's pretty frustrating. When they came out to begin with, with the caution tape and the stakes. I mean, my son is only 16-months-old. He can't read. With seeing him go over there, I'm more cautious. It has thrown up a red flag for me and I would really like for it to be taken care of," Peterson said.

Peterson said she's contacted the city several times about this issue, but she's not seeing the action she had hoped for.

City officials say they're aware of the situation and are working on it.

"At this point, there is a plan in place and it's in the design phase. There's a project being planned to fix it. We really don't have an exact time table right now, but I would say soon," Gulfport City Spokesman Ryan LaFontaine said.

Peterson hopes a solution is sooner, rather than later.

"Please, come fix it. Please do whatever you have to do. I have neighbors and it's a problem for them, too," Peterson pleaded. "Help us come up with a better solution. Get your guys together and put this on the priority list."

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