City council will meet on proposed D'Iberville casino

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - The D'Iberville City Council meets Tuesday afternoon, and at the top of the agenda is a proposed casino development south of Racetrack Road. City officials are looking to amend a final agreement between the city and Land Holdings One. This could be a final step before construction begins.

Jeff Taylor is the city's economic development director.

"It's going to be a meeting where the LH1 group and the city council will start working on the master agreement that will outline the specific responsibilities for each group, who works on what and that probably go on a little while until they get the ultimate plan that they want to pull this project together," Taylor explained.

Construction on the casino has been delayed several times, but city officials say that LH One has spent about $40 million on site work, despite the delays.

"With the investments they've already made and the work that is on-going and the contacts and what we're doing with Roy Anderson Corporation, I'm absolutely convinced that this is going to go forward," said Community Development Director Hank Rogers.

While the final agreements between Land Holdings One and the city of D'Iberville have yet to be worked out, they could be decided at Tuesday's meeting. But something else has yet to be worked out. Nearby neighbors are very concerned about traffic once the casino does open.

One of those neighbors is Brian Dubaz, who is afraid of losing a piece of Back Bay paradise.

"We're all for the casino and hope everything is what D'Iberville expects it to be, but what we want is to keep our privacy and getting in and out of our neighborhood," Dubaz said.

Another neighbor, Don Jones, said, "I think it's going to change our whole way of life down here. This is kind of a best kept secret. You know, we were alone down here for years and kind of done what we wanted and it was a laid back little community."

Officials with Land Holdings One were out of town and unavailable for comment. They are expected to be at Tuesday's city council meeting.

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