Egg hunt draws families to Long Beach

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - The annual Easter morning egg hunt was held at USM gulf Park Campus Sunday morning. It's sponsored by The Well, a branch of First United Methodist Church of Long Beach.

"Happy Easter," Yelled kids dressed in their Sunday best, ready to hunt Easter eggs.

"I'm hoping to get all of them," said 10-year-old Andrew Bishop.

"One, two, three," counted 3-year-old Max Elenbaas. He said that's how many eggs he'll find.

The holiday signified something different to each smiling face.

"It means that Jesus has risen," said Bishop.

"The Easter bunny leaves tracks at my house," said Mallorie Rishel.

Then the kids headed outside, eager to snatch the 1,000 hidden eggs. Pastor Ben Barlow said the annual hunt is a vital part of Easter.

"It's all about celebrating something that's bigger than we are and that's kind of our view of Jesus," said Reverend Barlow.

After the hunt, they counted their finds. Families captured the moment by taking pictures. Some made new discoveries.

"I'm a master of hunting eggs," yelled a kid.

That spirit is what Reverend Barlow said makes the holiday.

"The kids are the church now and Jesus even told us it was the faith of a child that we must have to come to him," said Reverend Barlow.

With baskets full of eggs and smiles from ear-to-ear, one thing was evident.

"Was it a good Easter? Yep," said kids in unison.

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