Memorial Hospital has been running on generators all day

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Memorial Hospital officials expect to hospital will be running on normal power at 10pm Thursday after fourteen hours of relying on emergency back up generators.

A contractor doing concrete work for the hospital accidentally cut the main power line causing a scare for the staff.

CEO Gary Marchand said, "We did have some surgeries going on, they were able to complete the surgeries and the patients that were getting ready for surgery obviously we stopped. We do have some critical care areas in the hospital that were also an area of concern for us the neo natal intensive care unit and our two ICU units that houses the most critically ill patients, we had teams responding there as well."

Normally the backup generators would kick on but Marchand said damage to a main circuit breaker caused the generators to flicker on and off.

The maintenance staff and Mississippi Power crews moved quickly to fix the glitch.

"We had to reroute the main power supply, our generators came up a little after 9 about 9:10 in the morning

Other coast hospitals went on standby to take patients if needed.

Grace Healthcare brought over portable equipment to help.

President of Grace Healthcare David Wolf said, " I have a wonderful person named Liz St. Paul, she is at Memorial everyday trying to service the patients and social workers and case managers and during her normal rounds she realized the lights were off. She ran and got some oxygen out of our warehouse, which is right around the corner, went over there to assist them.

"I happen to be on my way to the hospital to visit a good friend of mine so between the two of us we were able to get things done," Wolf said.

While Memorial did not end up needing the help, Marchand said it is because the health care community and his staff were prepared and acted, that everything went smoothly.

"Thank them for the way they responded to continue to care for the people we had in house here it was just amazing to watch, amazing to watch I'm so proud of them and I want the community to be proud of them as well," Marchand said.

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