WLOX Editorial: What are you inspired to do?

After months of living through freezing winter weather, a group of college students in the Northeast counted down the days to spring break. The trip was all planned with great detail down to every pit stop along the one thousand 3 hundred mile trek to the gulf coast. Clothes packed weeks in advance and spring break is all that anyone talked about.

The excitement in the air outpaced the cold air. This group of students picked their own special coastal destination, their big inspired plan for how they would celebrate the spring equinox when days are no longer shorter than the nights.

Their big plan - volunteering. Volunteering to come 13 hundred miles to work, clearing debris, and junk; cleaning up areas ravaged by recent storms. This is the spring break that fulfilled their dreams.

I hope they get some time to relax on the beach, but I dare say the most satisfying memories they carry back north will be the inspired good they did volunteering like so many before them have done.

To the volunteers, our sincerest thank you. To the rest of us, what are you inspired to do?

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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