WLOX Editorial: High hopes for Miller

Jamie Miller is Governor Phil Bryant's choice as the new Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources. Miller is expected to easily clear State Senate confirmation.  As he moves into his new role as the head of this beleaguered agency, we call on Mr. Miller to make this public agency open and transparent in its every move.

Ongoing State and Federal investigations have darkened the reputation of the department. We call on Mr. Miller to engage in the investigation and let the chips fall where they may. Whatever the investigation yields, make it public and clean up the department.

Miller certainly has the credentials to run the Marine Resources Department. He was a policy analyst for the Governor focusing on post-Katrina issues. He was also a coastal ecologist for the DMR and served as Pascagoula's deputy city manager.

The DMR is supposed to be dedicated to enhancing, protecting and conserving the marine interests of Mississippi for present and future generations. Let's get the administrative end of the agency cleaned up so the staff can focus on this important task.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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