Tulane Expands Casino Program

A decade ago, Lance White left his family drug store business, moved to South Mississippi, and got a casino job. Now the Mississippi man wants a promotion. "We need to develop the executives of tomorrow out of the people that are in this market now," he said.

So, White did something to improve his chances. He started taking Tulane's casino resort management courses last year.

Now that program has a new leader. Alan Silver is from Las Vegas. The long time marketing executive was a faculty member at UNLV. "I feel this is a tremendous opportunity to take this program and really expand the program," Silver said.

Silver's vision for Tulane's gaming resort management goes beyond the Edgewater Mall campus. Thanks to the Internet, he expects his lesson plans to match the needs of casino students who work day side, swing shift, or graveyards. He said Internet courses were important "so we have the ability to reach out" to all parts of the state.

Whether it's on the Internet, or in the classroom, Lance White can't wait to absorb more knowledge about all aspects of gaming resort management. "The foundation of any executive job is going to be if you don't have a degree, you're not going to get the job," said White. And someday soon, White wants to move up his casino's corporate ladder.

Tulane boasts that its casino resort management program is the first of its kind in Mississippi. While that's true, it's no longer the only program in the state. Next week, USM Gulf Coast offers casino resort management at its Long Beach campus.