Prison: Inmate's mom caught with contraband

Renae Langford (Photo source: MDOC)
Renae Langford (Photo source: MDOC)

JACKSON, MS (WLOX) - Baking a file into a cake is so old-fashioned. These days, some moms sneak things like drugs and jewelry to their kids in prison. At least that's what officials at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility say happened during last weekend's visitation.

Cindy Kay Turner, 55, of Maben was arrested Saturday after she arrived at the prison to visit her daughter, Renae Langford, aka Inmate #110273. Investigators said she had 30 white pills of acetaminophen and hydrocodone, and jewelry, including two Quartz watches and a bracelet, hidden on her body.

"The introduction of contraband is one of the major problems corrections officials face nationwide," said Corrections Commissioner Christopher B. Epps. "The Mississippi Department of Corrections has zero tolerance for bringing illegal items into the state prison system. Regardless if you are the relative of an inmate, a staffer or otherwise visitor to one of our prisons, young or old, you will be caught and strongly recommended for prosecution."

Introduction of contraband into a correctional facility is a felony punishable by three to 15 years in prison, a maximum $25,000 fine, or both. Turner was booked into the Rankin County Jail, where she later posted bond.

Her 26-year-old daughter is serving 12 years for armed robbery in Webster County. Renae Langford was sentenced in March 2005.

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