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Middle school students in youth court on drug charges

CRYSTAL SPRINGS, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Crystal Springs Police confirm five middle school students, arrested on drug chargers, had a court hearing Monday in youth court in Hazlehurst.

Neither the genders nor the ages of those arrested were released. The middle school hosts grades 4-8.

Authorities in Copiah county are conducting a shocking investigation, middle school students arrested on drug charges.

They are serious and almost unthinkable charges for some young children in the Crystal Springs School System.

But it was also a scare for the family of a student who took unknown medication and had a very bad reaction.

WLBT has learned that five Crystal Springs Middle School students spent the weekend in juvenile lockup after being arrested Friday.

Police Captain Gerome LeFlore said one student became ill after taking a controlled substance.

Monday afternoon the five students appeared in Copiah County Youth Court.

They are charged with possession of a controlled substance on school property.

Investigators will not give any details on the arrests or the drug involved.

"My granddaughter could have died," said Patricia Ford.

The Copiah county resident said she and her husband were called to the school where they found their granddaughter in a daze after taking another student's ADHD medication.

"Kids they say are selling pills and this and that, but my granddaughter was a victim, and no one called and ambulance...No she did not purchase it. She said some of the kids were saying come on take this. She said 'Mama my stomach was hurting.' So evidently she took it, I guess trying to stop her stomach from hurting," said Ford.

"We've come up with nothing pertaining to a sale," said Captain LeFlore.

The police captain is also the School Resource Officer supervisor for the Copiah County Schools.

He said investigations have uncovered no evidence of pill sales on campus.

"This is a problem that not just here in Crystal Springs. It's a worldwide problem. It's a nationwide problem, and we're doing everything we can to fight against all of types of drug use. It's hurting our children," said LeFlore.

Ford said her granddaughter was taken to the hospital and treated for the medication she took.

The results of the youth court proceedings were not disclosed.

Our calls to Copiah County Schools Superintendent Ricky Clopton for comment have not been returned.

LeFlore said the school system has a zero tolerance policy regarding drugs.

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