Star promotes recycling company and makes dreams come true

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - On the screen he's known as Damon Salvatore in "The Vampire Diaries." Others know him as Boon Carlyle from the series, "Lost."

His real name is Ian Somerhalder. Beyond the glitz and glamour of his acting career, he promotes B.O.B.

It's a company he started with his brother Bob, and nephew Peyton. It's the reason adoring fans lined up in downtown Bay St. Louis Sunday morning.

They waited in a line that stretched out the door, into the streets, to meet Somerhalder.

"He is awesome and hot," said Brittany Crapps with a smile.

"He goes green. He loves pets. He's just all around a great guy and looking great doesn't hurt either," said Amber Rhodes.

For birthday girl Mercedes Mayfield, this was a special treat.

"I'm about to turn 16, this was like my birthday present," said Mayfield.

While the crowd was there to meet the superstar, there was a good cause behind the event.

"We decided to do something. Go green," said Dena Somerhalder.

This was the one year anniversary of "B.O.B," short for Built of Barnwood.

It's a company that was established by Hancock County brothers Ian and Bob Somerhalder and later joined by Peyton Koenig.

The guys restore and recycle wood and aim to save the environment.

One woman keeps them all together.

"We take down old barns, old structures, vintage wood. As long as it has a green base," said Dena Somerhalder.

"If we want all this change that we're talking about, it's got to be generational," said Ian Somerhalder.

Ian said Built of Barnwood has accomplished a lot. But now they're looking to the future, aiming to change the world.

"We can set all the cool programs and look I'm hands on. I mean look, we're all here," said Ian Somerhalder.

As these men brought smiles to so many faces, their aim was to help save the environment.

As for the birthday girl.

"Sweet 16, baby," said Ian Somerhalder to Mercedes Mayfield, as he hugged her.

It was definitely a birthday to remember.

"I feel like my purpose in life has been filled," said Mayfield.

For more information on B.O.B. Click HERE.

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