Police Say Murdered Teen's Stepfather Is A Person Of Interest

Detectives are trying to locate the step father of an Ocean Springs ninth grader whose body was found Sunday morning.

Police say 15 year old Robyn Weatherford's died of blunt force trauma to the upper body.

Although police have no suspects at this time, they are trying to reach Robyn Weatherford's stepfather Sean Downing for questioning.

Ocean Springs Captain Louis Miller says Downing is a "person of interest." They say he was last seen Saturday morning one day before the body was discovered. He is driving a black, four door, 1995 Ford Escort with tag number 9-5-4-J-J-G. Anyone with any information on his whereabouts should contact the Ocean Springs Police Department at 875-2211.

Miller says police are also interested in finding out where Robyn was and who she was with in the final hours of her life. Police are searching for clues to find out who may be behind the death of an Ocean Springs teen.

The people who live on Simon Boulevard say it's a quiet neighborhood. Pat File says the usual Sunday morning silence was broken when she heard a loud scream as she was drinking coffee on her porch.

File says the scream came from number 300 Simon.and she recognized the voice as her neighbor Rose Downing, Robyn Weatherford's mother.

After that, File says things got quiet for a few minutes. Then she says The the police come by and I heard her holler, "Right here! Come here!" Once they stopped, police found the reason File heard a scream. Rose Downing had found her daughter's body in a shed behind her house.