Magnolia Grace: Miracle baby honors South Mississippi

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Here's a feel good story that will be hard to forget about an Air Force couple and their very personal battle.

We introduced you to them last year, but now they join us again with an update and to say "thanks" to the people they credit with making their life long dream come true.

Last year, Kyle and Ashley Costello shared their dream of being parents with us. (Read from the News Archive:

In October 2012, they said, "We would be great parents, we love each other, he's my best friend."

The young couple stationed at Keesler came to us to spread the word about an online contest for a free $10,000 IVF treatment at their fertility clinic. After four years of expensive treatments and two miscarriages, they were out of money and almost out of hope.

With his arm around his wife, Kyle said, "It was definitely hard. It was physically and emotionally hard."

So the New Jersey couple asked South Mississippi for help and were blown away to win by a landslide, with a whopping 8,000 "likes."

"You guys seem to come together and help people out a lot so, we wanted to say thank you."

They wanted to say thanks and tell you it worked! Last week, the baby of their dreams arrived.

Kyle was shocked at his wife's reaction.

"All this emotion, she was crying, she doesn't cry much and I didn't expect to cry. I couldn't believe how overpowering that emotion was when I saw her."

They named their new baby girl Magnolia Grace, an homage to you. They say they wanted to honor the people of this great state and God for their tiny, beautiful miracle.

"So she could bring a little bit of Mississippi with her when we get stationed somewhere else and then Grace because by the grace of God she was conceived and born."

Their hearts are now filled with joy and appreciation.

To you they say, "Thank you, thank you! This is a great community around here. We're really thankful to be a part of it! Thank you, thank you for caring enough to vote for a stranger to get interested in something that wasn't directly affecting you. Because your vote affected us and now we have a baby."

Welcome to the world, Magnolia Grace Costello. A true testament to love, hope and community support.

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