Memorial Serves As Year-Round Reminder of Camille

As Floridians are picking up the pieces left by Charley, the 35th anniversary of Camille is fast-approaching.

On Tuesday, a number of services are planned here in South Mississippi to observe the anniversary of the category five hurricane.

But one coast memorial is a constant reminder of Camille and the havoc she reeked.

A lone rose sits atop the Hurricane Camille Memorial Sunday morning.

On Tuesday, dozens of people are expected gather for a memorial service there, but the site's Chairwoman says there's a steady stream of visitors throughout the year.

"We have a light on the memorial so people can visit. And you'll come by and you'll see one red rose, and they'll bring one red rose," Julia Guice said.

Guice says this memorial honors the memory of those gone, but also serves as a warning.

"We feel that during this time of year, you can die during a hurricane. That's what we want to do, let people know so that when they say evacuate, they're going to evacuate," Guice said.

A bent flag stands north of the memorial.

It is a symbol of survival and the resilient spirit of coast residents.

A flag similar to it was found standing in Pass Christian shortly after the storm.

"That picture was shown in the Daily Herald. It became a rallying point for rebuilding the coast. And so, to me, that is very symbolic, that we did rebuild," Guice said.

As the number of those who lived through Camille continues to dwindle the memorial will live on, giving generations to come the opportunity to reflect on Camille and the lives of those she took with her.