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Pastor sees humorous side to theft of Jesus statue


Robert Fain, the Pastor of the Church of the Good Shepherd, says a statue of their Savior has been swiped.

He said, "It's a curious thing. It'd be fun to talk with somebody and say, what were you thinking?"

Fain believes Monday night someone broke the statue of Jesus off the wall and then took off with the statue.

Their statue of the Risen Lord was taken just a week and a half before Easter; the day that Jesus Christ is celebrated as rising from the dead. 

Fox54's Mark Barber asked, "What would be the motive to steal the statue of Jesus? ‘I don't know, that's a good question, I think that's why we're more amused than anything,'" said Fain.

Fain says the statue was given to them 15 years ago and it's worth $3,000.

He says whether it was a prank or theft, they aren't trying to make light of the situation; but he says they see the humor in it. 

"It's kind of funny when you think about it. I mean when the police officer came up to investigate Jesus missing from the church he was tickled. I told him well you have a great story to tell your grandchild now," Fain, said.

It's also a story they're sharing on the Church of the Good Shepherd Facebook page where they've asked members what passages from the Bible they would use to describe the situation.

The comments range from the obvious, "Thou shalt not steal." To the use of Matthew 26:11, which says, "You always have the poor with you, but you do not always have me." One person on the page even nicknamed the thief the "biblical bandit."

In any case, Fain is asking who ever took the statue of Jesus to bring it back.

"It'd be great if it was returned. If not we'll have to replace it," he said.  

Richmond County investigators say they don't have any leads about the whereabouts of the statue yet.

The neighboring church has security cameras, so they're reviewing that footage.

They're also asking anyone with information to call or email Investigator Kendall Brown at (706) 821-1440 or  


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