WLOX Editorial: Police officers using tasers

The Police Chief of Waveland wants to put tasers back in the hands of his police officers.

Tasers, or so called stun guns, have in many ways helped police officers resolve dangerous situations and avoid serious injury and even the use of guns.

If the leaders of Waveland reconsider taser use, we believe they; like all police agencies -- must also include training on when to use this weapon. Simply failing to follow the instructions given by officers should not be a reason to be shocked with an electric rifle.

These devices can save lives. But their use should be limited to only when other methods of dealing with suspects have failed. It should be used as a method to take down a violent and threatening suspect.

Police officers' jobs are tough. Let's make sure we not only give them the tools; but also the training they need to serve and protect.

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Rick Williams
WLOX-TV General Manager

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