More Diets, More Choices

Doris Bounds stopped by Everything Low Carb because she was curious.

"I've had a daughter that's been watching' the carbs and lost quite a bit of weight," she says.

So did the co-owner of a new store in Gulfport. Following a low carb diet, Keith Ezykowich has lost 60 pounds since January.

But don't let the name fool you.

Everything Low Carb caters to different lifestyles and diets.

"We have low carbohydrate products. The sugar free products are great for diabetes. We have many different sugar free products for the diabetic," Ezykowich says.

You'll also find soy products on the shelves for lactose intolerant customers.

The store will even special order.

"If I don't have an item I'm more than willing to get it in one time and if it sells we'll keep it coming' in," Ezykowich says.

Ezykowich's sister, Tamara Wingerter co-owns the store.

She says their products promote healthy eating.

"It's more than a diet, it's really a lifestyle change. Once people get on low carb they keep it that way because it really helps to control their blood sugar. So everybody's got to keep their lifestyle in check with sugar free and low carb items," she says.

Atkins and South Beach are the hot diets right now, but Ezykowich says they're not for everyone.

"If you get bored with a diet you're not going stick with it. If you don't like what you eat you're not going stick with it. I have brought in over a thousand different items in here. If you don't find something' you like, move on try something else. You're going find something' you like and it's going be easier to stick with a diet," Ezykowich says.

Everything Low Carb opened only three weeks ago on Courthouse Road, and the owners say people from across the coast are coming in to see what the store has to offer.