Moss Point firefighter charged with stealing city property

Sean Burdette (Photo source: Moss Point Police Dept.)
Sean Burdette (Photo source: Moss Point Police Dept.)

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - A Moss Point firefighter now sits behind bars after being arrested on the job. Sean Burdette, 26, of D'Iberville is facing grand larceny and burglary charges. He is accused of stealing personal and city property.

Moss Point Fire Chief Clarence Parks said it's hard to believe one of his own was arrested for stealing.

"I was disappointed for the sole fact I guess knowing much of what we do heavily relies on loyalty, trust, and honor," Chief Parks said.

Parks said nearly a month ago, city property began disappearing at the central station and that put him on high alert.

"While we are in an emergency responders class taught by Acadian, we found out our overhead projector was missing," Parks explained.

Around the same time, Burdette's co-worker and friend David Morace's chainsaws came up missing out of his vehicle.

"I came home the next day, unlocked my tool box and saws were gone."

Chief Parks launched an in-house investigation and that information was then turned over to Moss Point Police.

"The results of that investigation revealed that one firefighter, identified as Sean Burdette, was responsible for the theft of the property," Chief Keith Davis said.

Davis said more than $1,000 worth of property was found at Burdette's home.

"We are considering it a substantial recovery. The victim is excited he got his property returned to him, and the city's excited they have recovered the taxpayer's property," said Davis.

Chief Parks said Firefighter Burdette has been placed on administrative leave without pay. His future employment is pending the Moss Point Board of Aldermen's investigation into this case, which is still under investigation.

If you have any information to help this case, call Moss Point Police or Crime Stoppers.

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