Local Democratic Party Plans To Overcome Voting Challenge

There are 78 days left until voters throughout the nation head to the polls to elect the country's next president, and each party is campaigning hard.

Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Dowdy was on the coast Friday afternoon. His party faces a big challenge, a Democratic presidential candidate hasn't won Mississippi since 1976. We have more on how the party plans to reel in the votes this year.

"Mississippi always fairs better when Democrats are in office. When Bill Clinton was president, we had 8 years of peace and prosperity in Mississippi and in 49 other states," Dowdy said.

The newly elected chairman of our state's Democratic Party Wayne Dowdy says the way Mississippi Democrats plan to win back the white house is to focus on local issues.

"Of course, Medicaid is one of those issues and we will go about the state over the next several days pleading with Governor Haley Barbour to call a special session of the legislature to deal with the problems and the fears of 65,000 elderly and disabled people who on September 15 if nothing is done will lose their prescription drug benefits, and there is no replacement," said Dowdy.

Other issues Dowdy and democratic volunteers plan to stress are education funding and bringing global respect back to the United States.

Dowdy believes a change of command in Washington this November will do just that.

"John Kerry will as president, and from everything I'm hearing and my gut instinct is that John Kerry will win the presidency November 2," said Dowdy.

On election day which party wins is in the hands of the voters.