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Body shop has waiting list for estimates

Broken back window in Honda Broken back window in Honda
I've never seen hail that big in Mississippi I've never seen hail that big in Mississippi
CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

From softball to baseball to golf ball, the hail sizes varied.

"Was in the house and started hearing what sounded like bombs," said Kathy Luckey.

And the damage was also ranked, from bad,

"I'm from here and I've never seen hail that big in Mississippi," said Daniel Dudley.

 To worse.

"I thought what in the world and a big hail stone hit my sunroof, I got glass fragments all over my arm," added Dudley.

Tuesday Clinton Body Shop was swamped with customers, with dinged up cars with broken windshields and windows.

"We started a list this morning and were trying to do ours in a neat and orderly fashion as we can because we want to service everyone we can," said John Mosley.

There is now a waiting list just to get a damage estimate. Getting repairs done could take another two weeks. 

Most dents they can repair without painting, but many cars will be totaled out, because the damage is too extensive.

"I'm not going to say it's the worst because 1991 was real bad also but I think this is going to be as bad or worse than 1991," said Mosley.

Auto glass repair shops say it's becoming increasingly harder to find replacement glass for import luxury vehicles, because that glass isn't kept in stock.

"A streak of lighting came, then all of a sudden boom, ice started falling as big as softballs then it fell as big as golf ball, for about 15-20 minutes," said Herbert Harris.

Harris who lives on the West side of Clinton, documented all the damage to his cars and home with a camera, while waiting for his insurance company to arrive.  His car looks like a golf ball, and his roof has several divots in it, left by softball sized chunks of ice.

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