Indiana Man a Subway Diet Success Story

Jared Fogel is the young man you see in the Subway commercials. The Indiana native is visiting different restaurants around the country. Monday, he stopped by a Subway on Highway 49.

Fogel once weighed 425 pounds, and wore size 58 pants, and a size six extra-large shirt. While in college he began going to the nearby Subway. A year later, in February, 1999, while on the Subway diet, he dropped nearly 250 pounds. Fogel says he's telling people, there is a way for them to lose weight. "And I sorta stumbled on the idea of eating Subway sandwiches off the low fat menu twice a day holding the cheese, the mayonnaise and the oil and just letting people know that even if you're not gonna do exactly what I did ya know eating Subway twice a day that if you're gonna have fast food why not try to have a low-fat Subway sandwich instead of the greasy burger, taco or pizza or whatever else and even just doing that will really help you in the long run," Fogle says.

Fogle has successfully maintained his weight loss. He says he doesn't deprive himself of his favorite foods, but he eats them in moderation.