New Orleans Saints Will Continue To Build Through The Draft And Free Agency

All NFL teams have converged in Mobile this week, thanks to the presence of the nation's top seniors who are participating in the annual Senior Bowl set to kickoff Saturday at one at Ladd-Peebles Stadium.

New Orleans Saints head coach Jim Haslett says NFL teams build football teams through the draft and New Orleans did extremely well last season, despite not having a number one pick in the first round.

In the second round last season, the Saints used their number one pick, drafting Darren Howard a defensive end from Kansas State. Result, Darren was named to the NFL All-Rookie defensive team after making 51 tackles and he set a Saints rookie sack record with 11.

The Saints are still highly interested in signing high caliber NFL free agents, players who can make a difference as in the case of record breaking receiver Joe Horn. However, trying to find those players is becoming more difficult.

Saints General Manager Randy Mueller says, "NFL teams are trying ways to keep their own players. So, good players don't necessarily get put out like they did the first three or four years of free agency. Teams have learned you're better off keeping your own guy. You may have to overpay a little bit, but if you replace him with someone else you're double paying him. It's better business sense to keep your own guys if you like them."

Randy Mueller, Coach Jim Haslett, the entire Saints coaching staff and scouts are in Mobile evaluating talent because this year the Saints do have a number one pick and will use that draft choice to secure the services of someone who will be able to help improve the New Orleans Saints. If one season is a water mark, Randy Mueller and company will draft a highly capable young man who will come in during training camp and make his presence known on the football turf.

By A.J. Giardina