Carnival passenger has anxiety about her upcoming trip

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The past several months have been anything but smooth sailing for Carnival Cruise Lines. Sunday the seventh ship to have problems arrived back at the port in Tampa, FL. All this turmoil is causing some passengers to want a refund.

Tammy Carney and seven of her girlfriends are set to sail out of Galveston, TX April 22 on Carnival Triumph.

That is the same ship where thousands of passengers were stranded with overflowing toilets and other problems after a fire in the engine room.

"We are not happy. I'm not excited anymore I'm afraid," Carney said.

Carnival canceled all cruises on the Triumph until the 13, so this cruise will be the first for the ship since the incident.

"Every time I turn on the news there is a ship that is stranded out at sea and it's Carnival. Please give me my money back," Carney said.

Since December Carnival has had problems with seven of their ships.

"I'm just not comfortable I cannot swim so I cannot imagine being stuck out at sea and not being able to swim. It gives me anxiety," Carney said.

Carney and her friends called Carnival and asked for a refund or to transfer their cruise to a later date.

"They just told us they would refund only ten percent and keep 90 percent so we would only get a little over $100 back and the wait just to talk to someone with authority was over two hours to help you and they could care less what we are going through," Carney said.

She was told the only way she can get a full refund is if Carnival decides to cancel the trip.

"I had to book a flight to Houston on top of it. So I lose airfare on top of it," Carney said.

We called several times and sent Carnival an email Saturday, but have not received an immediate response.

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