Biloxi rental property may be condemned

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Biloxi Code Enforcement may be shutting down a rental property if changes are not made soon. Mold covers parts of the walls; sewage leaks around the toilets and in the front yard; holes are in the walls and even in the floors. Residents said they are fed up and called code enforcement.

Resident Duane White said, "The landlord came back over saw the code enforcement there and went to the electric company and shut our electric off, water off and gas off."

The residents were able to get the water turned back on later that day but they remain in the dark.

Resident Ivy Lee said, "He is jeopardizing my life. I have COPD and lung cancer, and I cannot use my machines without power. I am on oxygen."

Another resident Ameva Bravdock said, "I have colon cancer, and I have to wear bags. And I have to have water, and I have to have power."

Nine people live in the house that has been divided into four apartments with only a board covering what used to be the entrance way into another room. One of the apartments does not even have a kitchen sink or any appliances.

Those who live there all say they pay their rent and can't understand why the power is off.

Ameva said, "Everything is supposed to be included in the rent, the lights, gas, water and cable.

But the landlord, Ron Carter, insists the tenants have not paid their rent. While talking with Carter, one of the renters came up and an argument began.

White said, "I got money orders for every month." Carter scream back, "They are phony!"

Carter said the renters are to blame for the deplorable living conditions.

"What they did is flooded it. They flooded it, so they broke that pipe. The one boy drove his car over it until it broke. See they are trying to get out of paying their bills, and they will do things like that," Carter said.

He said they also caused the mold.

"They came in went by one day and said we are going to trash the apartment. They came back and really trashed it just grabbing stuff and smearing it. You have no idea these people are something else," Carter said.

Regardless of who is to blame code enforcement said if changes are not made the place will condemned.

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