Imaginations soared at annual Sci-Fi convention

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It was a room full of creative costumes where imaginations soared.

"To me I think costume playing is fun, to just be yourself and have fun," said 14-year-old Jaycie Chance who came disguised as Mother Earth.

Chance was just one of the many people who attended Coast Con in a costume.

"I'm professor Jonas Montgomery Richards. I'm a mad Scientist," said James Fail.

Fail is a member of a performance group, based out of New Orleans. They bring their online video games to life.

"Here, we've got a diving helmet," said Fail.

Those games became more realistic thanks to Mech Corp's simulator pods.

"Each one is a different bot. You're playing against each other," said Steve Koinm.

Koinm said the simulator pods give people of all ages and interests a great way to interact.

"Our motto is: talk smack, kick butt and keep score," said Koinm.

The 36th annual Coast Con is a science- fantasy convention event.

It even had a star amongst the crowd.

Adrian Paul, actor in the Sci-Fi series "Highlander" signed autographs for adoring fans.

"Science Fiction tends to be a world where fans are very devoted and they watch over and over again," said Paul.

That devotion was evident with costumes of all kinds, games of all varieties and people of all ages.

"We really like the culture and the family event of it," said Rhonda Carlton.

It was an event full of smiling faces where fantasies thrived.

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