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Supervisors vote in favor of overlay

RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

After years of heated meetings, the Rankin County Board of Supervisors finally voted unanimously in favor of the Reservoir Community District Overlay. But, after the meeting ended one supervisor retracted his vote, again putting the ordinance in question.

Bill Harris said, "We are pleased that the board of supervisors did agree to approve the overlay district."

After five long years Bill Harris and those in support of the measure were relieved when supervisors voted in favor of the overlay district.

Harris said, "And that's going to help enforce some needed improvements in the areas that are going to improve and maintain property value increases and still provide the quality of life that everyone that lives out there moved for those reasons."

After the meeting ended, one of the supervisors decided to retract his vote. Making it a four to one vote still if in favor of the overlay district. That is if Pearl River Valley Water Supply agrees with the document outline regarding its property at the reservoir.

Carolyn Rains said, "Do to the fact that the reservoir residents pay 50% of the taxes that are collected in Rankin County, we're very happy, we're very pleased."

Carolyn Rains said this now means no tattoo parlors, pawn shops or title loan and check chasing establishments will be permitted in this district. As well as many other restrictions.

"Rains said, "On street parking of certain all terrain vehicles, overnight parking, buildings, properties that are not kept up. It's something that will keep the quality of life at the reservoir what it is and will enhance the values of our property so we can continue to pay 50% of the taxes to Rankin County."

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