Drug Agents: 286 pot plants discovered in D'Iberville home

CNET agents load a trailer with marijuana and other components used to grow marijuana.
CNET agents load a trailer with marijuana and other components used to grow marijuana.

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - New details have emerged about the discovery of marijuana plants in a D'Iberville home.

Agents with the Coastal Narcotics Enforcement Team and Harrison County's narcotics division say they found 286 pot plants in what's described as an elaborate marijuana grow house.  That house was at 332 Barkwood Circle in D'Iberville.

Nobody has been linked to the marijuana discovery just yet.  But, investigators expect to make arrests on Friday.

Drug agents raided the home Thursday night, and reportedly found the pot plants, plus 12 pounds of processed marijuana, candy suckers which allegedly contained THC, a large amount of drug paraphernalia, and marijuana growing equipment.  According to CNET Captain Troy Peterson, that equipment included computers, lights, an air filtration system, chemicals, and other components used to grow marijuana.

Authorities said no one was inside the home when they arrived.

While authorities aren't saying what tipped them off to the grow house, Captain Peterson does not believe anyone was living at the residence centered in a densely populated neighborhood.

He said he believes the home, which had neighbors less than 10 feet away on each side, was used exclusively for marijuana. Authorities said this is the ninth time CNET agents have discovered a grow operation like this since October.

Agents worked until early Friday morning, gutting the home of the marijuana growing equipment. The investigation into who was operating the grow house is ongoing.

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