Recovering Moss Point K9 visits Kreole Elementary

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Kreole Elementary students got a surprise visit from a four legged friend Thursday. They've been very concerned about lately. Moss Point's K9 officer, Cora, was accidentally shot last week by a narcotics officer while serving a search warrant. The police chief wanted students to see Cora is making a full recovery.

"We wanted to come by to show that Cora was doing better," Chief Keith Davis said to the crowd of students.

The little one's faces lit up as the 2-year-old K9 ran across the yard to greet them and even do a few tricks. Seeing Cora so active, it's hard to believe she couldn't walk last week. The K9 officer was shot while on duty, and ended up needing staples in her left leg.

"We told the children what happened and some of them were so devastated. They were so worried about Cora, so we wanted to make her some cards," said teacher Jennifer Hamilton.

Ms. Hamilton's kindergarten class created a stack of colorful, creative, homemade get well cards for the dog. One student even decided to read his to Cora.

"I hope you feel better," the kindergarten student said.

Chief Keith Davis said by bringing the K9 to school, the students were able to pet Cora and see she is getting back on her feet.

"We want the kids to know it was an accident, and we want them to just understand everything that is going on. When they are that age, they don't understand. And in our efforts to reach out and bridge that gap between the police and youth, this is another indication that what we are doing and what we have been saying is working in the community," said Davis.

Cora should be back on duty sniffing out crime in Moss Point in a few weeks, but the chief expects she will be on light duty.

"She has impressed her doctors that thought she was going to be down a little bit longer than she has been."

While Cora is still recovering, she plans to continue soaking up all TLC from the students.

The chief said the shooting is still under investigation.

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