Neighbors Shocked At Gunman's Actions

People in this small community of Mount Vernon, Ala., were surprised when they heard the news that their neighbor shot three people and killed himself Saturday night.

"No, I never would have expected this to happen," McConnell's neighbor Brian Henderson said. "Like I said, it's a shock to me."

Henderson lives right across the street from the McConnell family. He's known Sylvester McConnell for more than 20 years. Henderson says they've always had a good relationship.

"He always speaks to me and comes out and talk to me or come over here to visit with me, and I go out and talk with him," Henderson said.

Some neighbors say McConnell did keep to himself sometimes, and they weren't surprised that he had guns. But they say that's not unusual for people in this rural community. All the same, McConnell's neighbors say this shooting seems out of character.

"He loved to talk about cars and he often talked about work. He would talk about his grandkids. They would come down and play with him, and he would get out in the yard and play with the grandkids," Henderson said.

Most folks here say hearing about an incident like this one is always a shock and a tragedy. But they are especially heartbroken now that they lost a good neighbor.