Casino Officials Stand Behind Security Measures

Casino Magic has several different video tape angles of the shooting. And at some point, the company may release them so we can see what it looked like when bullets flew through the casino.

Casino Magic executives say security personnel handled this tragedy exactly as they're supposed to. But two women who were attending a wedding reception at Casino Magic last night told WLOX news that the security personnel seemed confused.

"The reception was beautiful," casino patron Gail Taylor said. "Everything was beautiful until we got to the OK Corral."

It was at that moment when Gail Taylor and Roberta Parnell heard the first gunshots. They say panic then swept through Casino Magic Biloxi.

"People were being stampeded, falling on the floor, screaming, hollering," Roberta Parnell says. "We just didn't know what to do, because when you go to this place and you can't get out, and you go there and you can't get out, my God."

When they finally got out, the ladies tried, but after hearing gunshots, and being caught in the confusion, they couldn't get to sleep. So they stayed up and talked about what they thought was inadequate security after the shooting.

"Go here. Go there. It was just total chaos," Gail Taylor said.

When asked about casino security during the shooting, Mississippi Gaming Commission Director Chuck Patton said that from what he was told by his agents on the coast, everything that was possible to do was done by Casino Magic security.

In situations like the Saturday night shooting, casino security guards are thought to be at a disadvantage. None of them carry guns. This tragedy will now force all coast casinos to re-evaluate their security procedures.

"We'll certainly discuss this and see if we have done everything we can do," Duncan McKenzie with the Gulf Coast Gaming Association said. "But we've got very high levels of security and surveillance, and we've got emergency procedures in place. So we are pretty well prepared at this point in time."

Casino Magic had a fully staffed security team working last night. And executives say their guards handled the aftermath of the shooting perfectly.