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Woman gets the gift of life from her son


Annette Jones was in her mid 20s at the beginning of her journey as a mom when she came to a big bump in the road.

"I found out that my kidneys were failing," Jones said.

The otherwise healthy woman's blood pressure spiked and doctors eventually discovered her kidneys were failing.  They're still not sure why.

"Disbelief because I felt fine and it took awhile for me to get to the point where I was very sick," Jones said.

But she got there, got on the donor list and got her first kidney.

"I was put on the waiting list with UNOS and believe it or not, 45 days later, I received a call," she said.

That was 23 years ago.  Since then, that first kidney failed.

"I had it about three years," Jones said.

So she went back on the donor list.

"I was on the list for almost six months and I received a call," she said.

That's when she got the call for kidney No. 2.

"I had my second transplant on Easter Sunday by a Jewish doctor," Jones said.

That kidney lasted almost 11 years, but eventually it gave out too.

"Mayo Clinic had told me, 'You need to consider a living donor because at this time you're going to be waiting three to five years for a kidney,'" Jones said.

Fortunately, she had a great friend who came forward to donate.

"That one lasted over seven years, about 7 1/2 years," she said.

Unfortunately, she needed a fourth kidney.  This time it would come from the one who had watched his mom go through surgeries and dialysis since he was just 1 year old.

"I grew up with it so it seemed normal, you know," her son, Michael Jones, said.

This time around, Michael Jones decided giving his mom a kidney was the least he could do.

"You have a parent that's done so much for you and sacrificed so much and has done every single thing they can think of possibly to benefit their kids and given up things in their life that they could have done to benefit their children, it's nothing," he said.

But his mom would tell you otherwise.

"I'm just thrilled to be here and so happy that I have been so fortunate," she said.

For more information on organ donation, visit the Donor Network of Arizona here or call 1-800-94-DONOR.

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