Transportation problems plague Jackson Co. homeless agencies

Four agencies with the same mission of helping Jackson County's homeless said it's time they all get to know one another. The organizations came together to discuss common problems, possible solutions. One of their main concern is the lack of public transportation in Jackson County.

Community Care Network is a transitional home for homeless women and children. Director Diane Easley hosted a meeting with Family Promise of Jackson County, Gulf Coast Women's Center for Non -violence, and Trinity Outreach Corporation.

"We are really trying hard not to duplicate services so our agency needs to know what the other agencies in the county do," said Easley. "So if a family calls us or a woman calls us and we're not the appropriate agency for them, we know really what's the best way to get them in touch with the right agency."

The agencies also discussed major problems they all face including lack of transportation. Often times just getting people to the shelters is a huge ordeal.

Jim Tooley of  Family Promise of Jackson County said, "All of us when we deal with families and they do get a job or have appointments to make, the transportation issue has become a serious issue with all of us. Gas prices but there's not the mass transportation that is available in other areas."

Agencies said they're goal is to help people become self-sufficient. They believe join their voices together they can lobby more effectively for changes to government entitlement programs.

"We want to see more people in the business of paying taxes than receiving benefits from the taxes without having to put anything back into them," said Tooley.

The homeless agencies said because of their transportation crisis they are asking for the public's help with donated vehicles. They said the donation is tax deductible.

  • Gulf Coast Women's Center For Non-Violence 228-762-8267, for domestic violence victims
  • Family Promise Of Jackson County 228-285-2662, homeless families with children under age 18
  • Community Care Network Sue's Home, 228-215-2662, transitional home for women and children who may stay up to six months.
  • Trinity Outreach Corporation -Abundant Grace Emergency Shelter (228) 285-1563,  emergency overnight stays for women, girls and boys up to age eight.

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