Delays May Be Over Soon

A road project in Biloxi that was supposed to be finished last year is still being worked on into the new year. Brady Drive just east of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum was a project the city took on and expected to originally complete in September of 2000. After announcing several delays, the project may finally be coming to an end soon.

Crews are improving the drainage and sewer lines on the narrow street, but some residents and business owners aren't happy with the time it's taking to complete the $700,000 project. Meanwhile Vincent Creel spokesman for the city of Biloxi says we're almost done.

"We're looking to be out of there in thirty days right now they're doing some concrete curbing work and some sidewalk work then they're going to start paving and we're hoping to be out in 30 days."

Kathy Trahan is a manager at Denny's which sits on the corner of Brady Drive and Highway 90 and she says, "We're dead, we think that it's done a lot of damage to us, to the business and our personal incomes."

Biloxi officials say they can only apologize for the delays and no compensation for any possible lost business is expected.