Coast nurseries are "Springing" into action

ST. MARTIN, MS (WLOX) - Strolling through Frasier's Nursery, you can't help but notice the colors of the season. Neither can Stephanie Harvey, who wants to sell her house. That's what brought her here.

"They told us the last time we tried to sell it that it really needed some more planting to fill in and put some variety in and some height, and make it a lot more appealing," Harvey explained.

Even if she wasn't selling, she would still come.

"I always get crazy in the Spring time. I like to get my hands dirty and dig things up and put things back in and I really get out of control in the Spring," Harvey said.

That's the attitude business owner Doug Wilkerson likes to see. But there are some concerns because plants aren't really a necessity.

"You don't need them in your day to day life so to speak like you would groceries and so forth so as your disposable income shrinks, then you have less money to spend," Wilkerson said.

That's not stopping Marianne Shaffer, who's in a contest with a family member.

"My mom is the flower lady and she's got everything in her yard. So I've got to come and see if my green thumb is working and I need to spruce up my porch and put in some flowers," Shaffer said.

Just like any other business, the nursery business depends on the economy. When the economy is growing, so does the industry.

According to Wilkerson, "Construction seems to be picking up, people's attitudes are optimistic for the Spring, so yes, I'm anticipating a good Spring, a good year."

He also said the key to Spring time success is simple enough.

"When you begin to get warm weather and sunshine, yes, you want to get outside and do something," Wilkerson said.

And that something will definitely grow on you.

Spring officially begins a week from tomorrow on March 20th.

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