Pascagoula debates addition of Gautier to school board name

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Gautier leaders want their school district to add the city's name to its title.  So, the Gautier City Council passed a resolution requesting the school system change its name to the Pascagoula Gautier School District.

Monday night, the Pascagoula school board members discussed that request.

Gautier leaders argue almost half of the 7,000 students in the school system are from their city.  They find that to be a compelling reason to include Gautier in the school district's name.

School board members have decided to seek an Attorney General's Opinion on legality of such a ruling. And they also want to find out how the process works.

While waiting for that opinion, board members expressed their thoughts about the name change.  Sonny Backs supports the current name. "I just prefer to leave the name like it is and give Gautier their identity by putting their names on their buses," he said.

But, board member Dan Marks voiced support for the combination name. "We interchange. We are one community in a lot of ways. Being from Gautier I support the effort," he said.

Board member Mike Concannon brought a little levity to the talks. "Our biggest taxpayer is Chevron and it is 51% of our money. Maybe we should call it Chevron District," he joked.

School board members say they're not sure how long it will take for the Attorney General to send back his recommendation.

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