Ocean Springs High School senior ready for pro soccer career in Denmark

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - 18-year-old Eli Troutman has proven his talents on the soccer field. After 14 years of competitive soccer,

Troutman is going to take a giant leap in his soccer career.

Eli said, "I'm going to Denmark actually in As berg, a hundred miles away from Copenhagen.  I got this opportunity from my coach in select, Coach Henrick. He's from there and has connections with their head coach."

Over the last three seasons, Troutman netted 40 goals and 26 assists for the Greyhounds of head coach Jeff French.

French said, "We've had some talented players come through here over the last couple of years and this is all new to us to have somebody with the ability to make that jump and go over there and give it a go."

Besides coach French, Eli says coaches Stevie Broussard, Cecil Hinds and Henrick Madsen all had a big influence on his soccer career and his mom and dad got the soccer ball rolling for Eli at the age of 4.

Troutman stated, "My mom and dad have been my coach from very young, ever since my two other brothers I've been on the soccer field every day. So they have been a big influence."

Angie Troutman and Dr. William Troutman are proud of their son. In fact, Eli's two older brothers are in college, playing soccer and his younger brother, Ben, just completed his sophomore season at Ocean Springs High School. Dr. Troutman has watched his son blossom over the years.

"I'm very excited for the opportunity he has," stated Dr. William Troutman. He added, "He's very talented and it's going to be a big change both weather and a different language, totally different environment being away from the things he's familiar with. From a soccer skill standpoint he's going to be up for the task."

Dan Troutman said, "Happy for him going away and trying to play professional. He should because he's good enough."

While Dr. Troutman played Rugby, Eli's mom, Angie, was a member of the Canadian National Soccer team.

Angie Troutman said,"It was just a wonderful opportunity for me to travel to Europe and see it so for one of our sons to get this opportunity we're really grateful and I want him to have the same opportunity that I had."

Eli Troutman says it won't be easy leaving his family but he knows soccer is driving him to give the pro ranks a shot in a foreign country.

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