Good Samaritans rescue man who drove truck into the MS Sound

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Several good samaritans rescued a man after he drove his truck into the Mississippi Sound Sunday afternoon.

Witnesses said they saw a man drive his red Nissan Titan truck off Highway 90 in Biloxi onto the beach and into the water around 1:30 p.m.

Scott Richmond said, "There were people running and this one guy got there first and was apparently trying to get him out of the truck. Another guy was behind him and then myself and another lady when they were pulling him in we went and picked up his feet because they were kind of running out of steam."

Richmond said they were able to bring the man to shore.

"The guy was incoherent and I asked him if he suffered from seizure disorder and he kind of acted like yes I did, I asked him if he took Galantamine or anything like that and the paramedics took over from there," Richmond said. "Apparently he wasn't drunk and didn't have a heart attack stood up and even though he was incoherent and acted like he didn't know where he was, he was much better."

The man was transported to the hospital, no word on his condition. Biloxi Police Department is investigating the accident.

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