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Controlling crime scenes, police have training

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Crime scene tape crossed Greenwood Avenue on Thursday night, stopping concerned friends, family, and neighbors.

Jackson police officers were there to tell them what they could.

"Anytime you have a scene where a violent crime has been committed we will do whatever we can to make sure that the welfare of the neighbors of that community, the victims family are safe," explained Jackson Police Chief Rebecca Coleman.  

Four people were shot, two died as a result.

Some people there were more emotional than others and had to be restrained.

Additional officers were brought in to help and patrol the area.

Investigators and supervisors look at the situation to determine how to preserve the crime scene and make sure no one else is harmed.

"Based on that assessment they will determine whether additional officers need to be there, they establish perimeters to keep sight seers and what not away from the crime scene," explained Coleman.

JPD also has a pastoral program, where police can offer counseling on scene.

"In situations such as that, if the need, especially on the side of the victims family we will do whatever we can to render assistance to them to calm the situation. That's what we do," said Coleman.

Most people at violent crime scenes have a similar reaction, one of anger and concern, but police are trained to comfort while carrying a badge.

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