New Development In The Works For Diamondhead

A new proposed strip mall has been the buzz in the Diamondhead community for weeks now. The strip mall would feature a major grocery chain as its anchor tenant.

PGM Properties of Biloxi plans to bring Winn Dixie to Diamondhead. WLOX News found out some residents see this as part of a natural progression to Diamondhead becoming a city.

Diamondhead already has the makings of a small city with its own fire department, security force and sewer system. It even has several fast food restaurant chains, and if everything goes as planned, a grocery store food giant will be added to the mix.

"We've been trying to get incorporated for several years and hopefully people are leaning toward incorporation and like I say with the sells tax that would come out of a major store that would help," Diamondhead Resident Nancy Yarbrough said.

Stephanie Parker welcomes Winn Dixie.

"The drive to Bay St. Louis when I have to do grocery shopping it's an all day affair."

The new strip mall would be located right across the street from the current shopping center the Diamondhead Plaza.. A vacant motel in the area will be torn down and what will be called the Diamondhead Village Centre will go up.

"They're planning on buying the current shopping center upgrading the appearance, making more spaces available for other businesses," Rick Southworth the General Manager of the Diamondhead Property Owners Association said.

But not everyone wants to see more businesses setting up shop in the area. Many say more development will bring more traffic to the quite community.

"Most of the people are retired here and they like to live it simple life. This is the simple life," Diamondhead Resident Beth Wasvick said.

Resident Richard Conners agrees.

"I've got negative feelings about it I guess this little store over here does pretty good so if you need any special merchandise it isn't to far down the road to get them."

For it or against, the plan is in the works. If the plan goes through, construction could begin as early as late September.

By: Al Showers