Supervisor Windy Swetman urges cooperation and communication

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Governments must work together to build communities and enhance quality of life. That was the main message of a speech Wednesday morning by Harrison County supervisor, Windy Swetman.

The District 1 supervisor spoke to business leaders at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast in Biloxi.

"What is your true strength?  And that's family and that's community," Supervisor Swetman told the crowd of 100 at the Kroc Center in Biloxi.

Supervisor  Swetman says cooperation between government entities can help build that strength. He says Harrison County often partners with cities on a variety of projects.

"We go and look at what project they're doing, we look at the resources we have as far as equipment and manpower and expertise, and then we see where we can save them money on their projects, ultimately saving you tax dollars as we go along," said Swetman.

Supervisor Swetman says investing in neighborhood parks is something that builds community and enhances quality of life. The county was recently involved in a project to add a walking track at a park on Back Bay. Along with the walking track addition, the county has also helped build splash pads at several parks.

"These are all over the county now folks. You can go in almost every district in Harrison County and you're going to find these splash pads just like this, for our kids to use this summer," the supervisor told the crowd.

He praised CTA director Kevin Coggin for his cooperation in promoting a new comfort station at Highway 90 and Rodenburg.

"This $1.45 million amenity that could have been lost if it wasn't for good public servants working together. CTA and the county. Talking, communicating, sharing resources. This is the product folks. This is what we get," he said.

Swetman says projects like the park improvements pay long term dividends.

"We're building this community and maintaining the quality of life and that's why people want to live here," said Swetman.

On the subject of roadwork, supervisor Swetman told the group Harrison County is now using something called "chip seal" emulsion.

It provides a protective seal on asphalt roads, giving them longer life and saving the county hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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