Drug Task Force agent shoots K9 during drug bust

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point's K9 officer was shot Tuesday night during a drug bust, and it turns out the gunman was a fellow officer. Police Chief Keith Davis said the shooting happened when officers went to execute a search warrant on Woodlawn Avenue. Before the agents went in, they received intelligence that there were vicious dogs at the residence.

Davis said when the agents went into the home, K9 Officer Cora broke away from the handler and ran into the residence. The K9 mistakenly attacked one to the plain clothed narcotics agents and bit him on the leg. The agent thought he was being attacked by one of the dogs at the home, so he turned and shot the K9.

K9 Officer Cora was immediately taken to a veterinarian who performed surgery. The vet expects Cora will fully recover from her wounds with no complications. She'll be off duty for two weeks while she heals.

Despite the confusion, agents were able to recover a large amount of cocaine and marijuana during the bust. At least one person has been charged with felony possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. Due to an ongoing investigation, Chief Davis said no names will be released at this time.

Chief Davis has requested an independent investigation to be completed by an outside agency of the shooting incident.

"We want the citizens to know and understand this case has been and will be investigated completely and thoroughly. As soon as the investigation is complete, we will make those findings available to the public. Nothing is being hidden here," Davis said.

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