Seashore Mission moving into new home

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The Seashore Methodist Mission in Biloxi has a new home. The old location on Howard Avenue was destroyed when Hurricane Katrina wiped out much of East Biloxi. Now the mission has begun the process of moving to what was the Bankston Paint Building on Division Street.

The Reverend Paige Swaim Presley is the executive director of the mission.

"We have been hoping and praying for this, for a very long time," Reverend Presley told us, with a big smile on her face.

Right now, there are boxes everywhere because the move has just begun. inside the main room, the boxes are all you notice. But, if you think Reverend Presley just sees boxes, think again.

"I see people, I see ministries, I see new walls and furniture and paint. I see computer classes, and a free store where people can come and get clothing."

For the last few years, the mission has been sharing space at St. Paul United Methodist Church. The mission is very grateful for what the church has done. Nevertheless, the past several years have been tough.

"We have multiple ministries in two churches trying to share one building," Reverend Presley said. "We literally are bursting at the seams. Every corner of every office is covered with furniture, donations, and case files."

On this day, some volunteers from a Methodist church and school in central Maine where there helping with the process of getting the place ready to be the new mission.

One of those volunteers, the Reverend Desni Larson, summed up everybody's feelings.

"This is awesome, just awesome," she said.

The hope is that within three to six months, the mission will be fully operational in its new building.

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