Biloxi & Gulfport come together to fix road that divides them

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The road that divides two Coast cities is now bringing them together. Gulfport and Biloxi have agreed to work with Harrison County to improve a section of Debuys Road.

"Debuys Road is a mess from start to end. It's a real mess," Biloxi council member Arlene Wall said.

Since one side of Debuys Road is Gulfport and the other Biloxi, hashing out who is responsible for paying for what hasn't been easy.

Drivers said every time they take a ride down Debuys Road, they hope the road won't knock their cars out of alignment.

"It is horrible," driver Donielle Trees said. "It's bumpy. Always hitting pot holes. And you try to swerve and other cars are coming, it's just horrible."

"I think it's very poor. Bad," said Demas Booker. "A lot of rough pot holes and all that. Needs to be fixed."

Officials said Gulfport, Biloxi, and Harrison County will split about $300,00 in cost to pave Debuys Road south of Pass Road and to create new handicap assessable sidewalks.

"I am thrilled," said Wall. "This has been in progress for years and years and it's wonderful that it's all coming together. We'll have smooth driving from the beach to Pass Road and then I'm hoping the rest of that gets corrected very soon."

Drivers said while the journey to get this far has been long, they're happy that Gulfport and Biloxi have been able come together to make to this happen for the good of residents in both cities.

"That's amazing. That would be so much better," said Trees.

Monique Barnes said, "It's good that they really combined both of them together because they all need to work together as one."

Harrison County Supervisor Connie Rockco said there are also plans for another improvement project for Debuys Road north of Pass Road that would include redesigning the interchange. She said the county is still trying to secure funding.

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