Students show scientific knowledge and creativity

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - They are the next generation of scientists and inventors. Tuesday, hundreds of youngsters from South Mississippi displayed their exhibits at the annual Region VI science fair in Biloxi.

They are motivated by wonder and filled with enthusiasm. These young scientists tackled a diversity of subjects, applying the scientific method: Hypotheses, experiments and conclusions.

"My procedure: Every morning for six days, we gave our dog, Sebastian, some treats," explained Lauren Acquah.

The third grader wasn't surprised her pet prefers: Beef jerky.

"Because that was my hypothesis," she said, smiling.

A dog was also essential to the science project of Stanley Scott and Eddie Boyd from Moss Point High.

"My experiment is about whose mouth is cleaner? A dog's or a human's? Most people would say a dog's, but I didn't believe that," said Scott.

The results showed he was right; it might be best not to kiss your dog.

Two Ocean Springs classmates both chose to study fingerprints.

"I got my mom, my sister and me. Got all our fingerprints to see if any of them matched," said third grader, Ethan Capps.

"No one can have the same fingerprints. Not even identical twins," said Gabby Tiblier, "Fingerprints are like zebra stripes. Not one is the same."

Myers Hogan's project is all about tar balls he found on Horn Island.  He tested the unknown material with a series of seven experiments.

"There is a lot of that material. But it's kind of hard to recognize because it could look like mud or rocks. But you kind of have to know what you're doing to recognize it as petroleum tar," said the St. James sixth grader.

Kylee Griffith thought the judging went well. Her experiment about germs and bacteria enforced that age-old Mother's order: Wash your hands.

"You need to wash your hands every single day. You need to wash your hands a lot!" she said.

Students with the highest rated projects will advance to the state competition in Jackson.

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