Volunteers Preparing For New Children's Library

When a new library opens in Harrison County next month, one generation will try to pass the love of learning to another. A group of volunteers from Saucier has spent the past year organizing a children's library in the community. All that hard work is about to give the children of Saucier a happy ending.

Stacey Barefoot grew up surrounded by fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Barefoot remembers the special feeling she got when every night her great-grandmother read to her before bedtime.

"Just because she was spending time with me and reading with me I just really remember that and it sticks out in my mind," said Barefoot.

By teaching them to check out and shelve books, Emily Biggers can help prepare her neighbors to run the Saucier children's library when it opens. As a former librarian, Biggers knows the impact that early exposure books can have on young minds.

Biggers said books "help them with their reading skills, that will help them enjoy reading more and the more they read the better they will do in school.

To start the library will depend entirely on volunteers. These volunteers say they are giving up some of their time so the community can gain.

Mary Crabtree belongs to Friends of the Saucier Children's Library "because I wanted to be part of Saucier. I wanted part of something that was healthy and good for the children."

The people are thankful that someone cared enough to teach them to love books and they want the same for their children.

Barefoot says the lesson she got from her great-grandmother "made me really how important it is to pass it on you know and to just to get my kids interesting in reading."

Volunteers with the Saucier Children's Library expect to begin serving patrons in mid September. The library will open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from one until five p.m. and is part of the Harrison County Library system.