Drop In Temperature Profitable for Visitors, Businesses

The pleasant weather and cooler temperature has been the talk around town this weekend.

While many South Mississippi residents and businesses are enjoying this break in weather, at least one coast business is profiting from it.

Each year, Linda Chavez and her children travel from New Orleans to visit Ship Island.

This year, they'll be able to bask in the sun a little longer, thanks to this weekend's cooler temperatures.

"I think it's wonderful, and I'm happy we picked this day to go out there because I didn't want it to be too hot," Chavez said.

Her daughter, Kristal, said,"It's sunny, and it's a nice day, a perfect day."

Susan Taylor, and her two children are from Memphis. They couldn't agree more.

"My husband's at Camp Shelby Mississippi right now, training and getting ready to go to Iraq. He usually comes down here every summer for annual training," Susan Taylor said.

We asked if she was familiar with how hot and muggy the summers can be here in Mississippi.

"Oh definitely. This is probably the best summer we've ever had here," Taylor said.

Capt. Louis Skrmetta says good weather means good business, especially in his line of work.

He says he took more than 1,000 passengers out to Ship Island this Saturday alone.

He described this weekend's passengers:

"They're excited. They're hearing the good weather reports from the weather man. And they're coming from Louisiana. They're hearing it all over the region...go to the beach this weekend. This is the time to go and take advantage of this wonderful weather and this has helped our business a whole lot," said Skrmetta.

Captain Skrmetta knows this weather won't last forever, but he and many South Mississippi visitors...are making the most of it while it lasts.